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  • Issues: Many peo­ple have reported a com­mon issue while run­ning this appli­ca­tion i.e. “The appli­ca­tion failed to intial­ize prop­erly (0xc0000135). Click on Ok to ter­mi­nate the application”.

Solu­tion: This appli­ca­tion requires .NET Frame­work to be installed on the sys­tem. Click here to down­load Microsoft .NET Frame­work Ver­sion 2.0.

  • You need java to be installed in your sys­tem else graph may not dis­play prop­erly. Down­load Java.

  • Com­mon error seen dur­ing instal­la­tion: DLL reg­is­tra­tion failed. To solve this issue install this file.


This is the lat­est BETA ver­sion of NSE Tracker with thread­ing model. This will install on both 32-bit as well as 64 bit win­dows 7 or win­dows XP.


Download NSE Tracker Installer V6.5.3.3: It has been downloaded 5774 times.

It has been down­loaded 5774 times.

Down­load NSE Tracker v6.5.3.3 (Beta)

(To know details about NSE Tracker v6.5.3.3 (Update Date: 4th Apr, 2011), click here)



Download NSE Tracker Installer V6.4.5: It has been downloaded 3147 times.

It has been down­loaded 3147 times.

Down­load NSE Tracker v6.4.5

(To know details about NSE Tracker v6.4.5 (Update Date: 1st Nov, 2010), click here)


There is some issue with windows7 64-bit. Please first down­load the com­plete NSE Tracker from above Down­load but­ton and then replace ‘NSE Tracker.exe’ with the fol­low­ing exe­cutable. For more details on error, click me.

Down­load only NSE Tracker.exe for Windows7 64-Bit